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Air freight is the highest priced and the fastest type of shipping. It is commonly used to ship smaller cargos that have to be delivered fast. Air freight is generally used to ship internationally which makes it necessary for air freighters to establish relationships with partners abroad. It is also necessary for them to have strong understanding of import and export laws and regulations in different countries.

Before buying air freight services it is necessary to research what exactly the company offers for a particular price and where the company’s responsibility ends. It is also helpful to find out what company’s customers think about its services. A lot of air freight companies use passenger airplanes to deliver smaller packages and cargo. Large goods are usually transported by cargo airplanes and among the most trusted names are Federal Express, Lufthansa Cargo, United Parcel Service, Korean Air, and Singapore Airlines Cargo.

Subject to customer’s needs, shipments by air can be delivered from within a few hours to a few weeks. The faster the shipment is the more costly it will be. Rising fuel rates and “green taxes” make air shipments more and more expensive. But because air freight is the fastest way to deliver goods, businesses and individuals will always use it.

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